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Trigger assemble work??

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Have noticed that when the bolt is pulled back, the cocking assembly feels rough. Action is smooth after the hammer is cocked. Everything works super. Is it worth having the trigger assembly "smoothed" up a bit or should I leave well enough alone? Remember this thing shoots super with not one problem ever! Opinions please, and thanks in advance.
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Having the trigger worked on will not smooth out the action in terms of the bolt having to ride over the hammer to it. A little grease on the underside of the bolt and on top of the hammer might help there, but having the trigger worked on will make the trigger break more crisply and with less effort.
If you're refering to what you feel, when the bolt cycles while holding the trigger back, that's normal.

What you feel is the bolt riding over the hammer and the hammer engaging the sear.

That's part of the 2 stage trigger system.

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two stage trigger

Could someone explain the two-stage trigger please.

Trigger assembly work??

When the rifle is in the uncocked position (finger off the trigger) pulling the bolt back to the action, thats when you feel the roughness. Never gave it much thought so I thought I would ask for opinions. After the rifle is cocked, and you cycle the bolt, the roughness is gone.
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