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TR Enabeling's Nickel Teflon BCG. Nickel Teflon has an even lower coefficient of friction than nickel boron and is the ULTIMATE in lube free lubricity and reduced coefficient of friction for unmatched reliability and cycling. Nickel Teflon also has superior corrosion resistance to nickel boron.

Carrier Material: 8620 alloy steel
Bolt Material: Carpenter 158, MPI
Extractor: M-16 Extractor, Auto Spring, Buffer and O-ringed
Gas Key: Machined Billet Steel, Staked to Spec
One Piece Gas Ring

Possibly one of the most notable features of this coating, for the average user, is the extreme cleanability it provides. Resisting carbon build-up and maintaining its performance between cleans is where this coating truly shines. After several thousand rounds, the shooter simply wipes the carbon from the surface. The coating can be cleaned by all conventional means (solvent bath, supersonic submersion and more) however, these methods are generally not necessary. Obsidian is capable of operating without lubrication, once the break-in period of 300 rounds is complete

This BCG has only around 150 rounds through it and is as new. Has a little disscoloration from carbon as will happen with this finish type, but the slickness of the coating remains.

These retail for over $200 + shipping.

This can be yours for only $175!!!
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