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Tommy,Small, Medium or super sized

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I was going through my drum cabinet and thought I click a few pics. First is my Auto Ordinance,1927 A1 Thompson, with a stick mag. This was bought as a commemerative WWII shooter from the historical foundation. It has a bayo lug does any body know if any of the WWII had bayonet lugs on them. I dont think I have ever seen one before and thought it odd that there is one on this one but I think it does kind of look cool.
This baby can be shot large sized or super sized depending on the weight one want to carry 8O These are factory Thompson Drums 50 and 100 rounds.


Markings on the 100 rounder

1927 with 100 round drum.
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steve the only tommy guns i know of that had a bayo lug were the 1923 thompsons. but those are rarer than hens teeth! and they were not used in WWII that i know of. i've not seen an M1 or M1A1 thompson with a lug before. i nfact with the 10 inch barrel. there wouldn't be room of a bayonet to mount. the barrel ends just after the fore grip.

what kind of bayo fits steve?

that lug loks alomst like the ones that you can get to put on an AR15 barrel to a buddy has one on his preban Hbar.
That is one cool lookin pill popper!!!!

I dont know squat about the bayo lug question I just like the gun! :)

Steve STOP making me drool all over my laptop........ :lol:
Is there something that you don't have yet? Nice to live on a free state
huh..... :evil: Keep the pics coming...... :lol:


I have two 1928's and a 1921 plus I have seen piles of military Thompsons and I don't ever remember seeing a lug on any of them, but I love them all.
If this is a commemorative edition, then the bayonet lug was probably "added for effect". The shorter barrels of WWII versions precluded the addition of a bayonet, and the lug was just one more step in production. As the interest was in producing more weapons per day, the lug was deleted. :D
I used to have a Savage M1928A1 and she had no bayo lug. Hey Steve K, how old is the "C" drum and if it's original, do you have any idea how much it's worth?
Hey Steve K, how old is the "C" drum and if it's original, do you have any idea how much it's worth
No Idea on both questions :oops: But I do know I didnt pay any where near the going price of one now. I do know I picked up the drum in the late 80's. How would I find out if it is original :?
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