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To those in Northern Colorado: Found a good range

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I finally went out to a newish range I had heard about a few months ago. It's off Highway 85 north or Ault and south of Nunn. I could see the huge berms from the highway.

It's called Great Guns Sporting: www.greatgunssporting.com

They do trap and skeet and all that other shotgun stuff I don't care about. But what they have that I do like (though it was too windy to enjoy it today) is 300, 200, and 100 yard rifle ranges, a 25 and a 15 yard pistol range which can also be used for rifles and shotguns. Then they have an "action range" which I didn't get to see and is by appointment. I'm guessing its a house clearing type deal.

Anyhow, the staff were friendly, and so were the other shooters. They have target stands available, as well as tape and staple guns, sandbags. I wouldn't say the benches were great compared to some I've seen, but they were the first I'd ever used. It cost $20 for 2 hours and then $5 per hour after that (though they told me I could stay all day for $20). I believe memberships are also available. It's no farther from Ault than the grasslands, maybe slightly closer. And it seemed very safe compared to Pawnee. I'll be going back.
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Good to know

Thanks for the information, its nice hear about a place from a fellow m14er... I will be heading out to the Colorado Rifle Club out by Byers for the first time tomorrow morning. I joined the club and need to go to Orientation. According to their website, they have a full featured club with ranges out to 1000 yards, and since the photos of their site looked good, I took a chance and joined up for when I want to shoot farther than 100 yard (which I can do really close to home at Cherry Creek Lake).

I'll let you know more after I get back. I'm sure a few others on this site are probably members there, but I haven't seen much chatter on the subject, so I will try to give a good write up on what I discover.
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