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The main problem is most of these rifles are used in OKA crisis in Canada Quebec ,

The gov Federal and Canadian military couldn't solve the issue that time ,

Mohak in Kanawaki and other parts used M113 with 50 cal , grenade launchers, and many battle rifles ,USGI M14 ,M4 and AR15 as well ,

Wanna know the fact ? Here it is ,
Canadian government basically found an excuse to ban battle rifles to prevent such an action like OKA crisis. While these models are the most quantity available in legal market and in first nation's hands.

50 cal rifles banned
Battle rifles banned
Grenade launchers banned
It is not clear if 12 and 10 gauges shotguns are banned or not yet.

Don't forget the status of grenade launchers in Canada before 1 may 2020 was Non restricted, (no registry and no limit on transportation) , in many cases were used for wildlife in north for smoke and flare.
181 - 181 of 181 Posts