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If you missed Gus and Art7's methods, go back and read them , they are excellent.. Bamban [Nez has used epoxy to fill the voids and this is working well for him..

Several months ago Nez showed me one he epoxied and was a smooth tight movement. This got me thinking and I did some fooling around with a piece of .004" brass shim stock material.

The base and aperture I was working with was standard and the fit was pretty good, there was not enough space between the side of the aperture and the slot of the base to get this shim stock between the two. Getting the aperture started was impossible, it kept bunching up and tearing.

Using a stone, I worked down one side of the aperture, keeping a consistent dia... until there was just enough space to feed the stem into the base with the shim stock in position. To make things easier, which is not always the case around here, I rounded the corners of the foremost part of the stem and applied lube, this allowed an easy beginning fit, the stem became tighter as was pushed farther into the base,,, cut of all excess and it has done an excellent job of holding zero.

This was much easier then heating, cooling, pounding, lapping and cussing.. Give it a try. Art
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