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thumper time

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i thought i would try and see if this gets in. if so i will no longer use my email address. how about a thumper for less than 500.00. i used a harrington and richards single barrel shotgun, very cheap, cut the barrel off the locking lug, opened up the frame some and welded a 1 and 1/2 bore barrel on the locking lug. welded a 2 inch washer on the face of the frame. now i have a 18 inch barrel thumper that will shoot a puter slug through a car door and you can almost stick your hand through the hole. cases are stainless steel and i have only five as they cost me 40.00 each at the machine shop. will experiment more with projectiles and let you know how they come out. it shoots and sounds just like the old m-79 grenade launcher. range is not quite there yet but as i said i am experimenting with different slugs. puter is good so far due to the weight factor in the slug. it is all legal. i couldnt get in as harley guy so here it is anyway....
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That sounds good until an ambitious ATF agent decides to read into what you are doing as breaking the rules.....Take a history lesson from MKS.....get it in writing and even then it's still open to interpretation. JMHO...
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