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This morning I saw a BM-59 built with a M14 receiver- how ?

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I have a rifle and pistol range on my farm. Milk jugs set up full of ballistics gel, all built into a hill with a concrete wall(I scrounged the blocks off Facebook classifieds) and then sand bags behind that. You can walk across my creek bridge and shoot up to 250 yds.

I heard gun fire this morning, and it sounded a little too close to the house. I figured I'd better go check. I got on my Satoh and road down the hill and and heard a rifle report and I yelled cease fire. My guts are still hurting from the 20 cm, .835kg gallbladder removed a week ago, and I probably seemed more pissed than I was on account of that. The shooter ceased fire.

A man in his 40's was shooting at targets from my 100yd marker, he'd put the targets on my dedicated target hanger Toyota MR2 hood, and was nicely not destroying my ballistics gel.

I have no trespassing signs all around the farm to cover my butt, in case someone gets hurt poaching or planting cannabis.

He seemed awfully in a hurry to get off the property- he'd driven an older K5 Blazer .58 miles off the paved road, past a gate and fence, numerous signs, and past a tree line that hides the make-shift range.

I noticed the rifle he was shooting was an M-14, but when I got closer I realized it was a BM-59. I told him it was a nice rifle and he thanked me, told me it was built off a Fed Ord M14 receiver, that he couldn't stand ruining a Garand, I tried to tell him to stick around, but I keep a commercial paratrooper .30 carbine in a lined sheath on the side of the tractor hood, and I don't know if he thought I'd call the cops on him or shoot him.

But... He split, and I was left with the unanswered question:

How can a BM-59 be built with an M-14 receiver ? The part of me that owns the lathes, surface grinders, horizontal and vertical mills- says much machining.

But can anyone fill me in on what machining was necessary to use a commercial M14 receiver with a BM59 parts to create a BM59 hybrid.
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I found him...

It was a bad, bad hack job to an early Fed Ord M14SA receiver- I thought that was a shame. I love Fed Ord's- no one else does. The Fed Ord receiver I bought off here has a 16" barrel and is fitted into a modified broken wooden stock that I fixed a 1 of 1CETME collapsable wood butt stock and a hand routed wood pistol grip.

This one was FED ORD M14 fitted into a Butler Creek Collapsible- didn't fit right. Not much fit right. He kept telling me the barrel was a tanker(DI4) garand barrel. The headspacing was visibly off to me, it jammed every few rounds SA. He's going to prison if LE ever carefully examines it- he'd clearly tried to add a certain selector lug- with gasless wirefeed type welder GI3. That lug and the "correct look" parts- in other words if it fired correctly he probably had select fire

At 100yds he could not hit the biggest gopher on those 3 metal gopher targets with scope or iron. His excuse was "Not broke in yet."

From what I could tell- he dremeled, hand ground, and circular grindered his way in snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory.

I worked on dual gate system this afternoon, and hopefully that will allow the guy who cuts our hay access, and when I add the barb wire fence up the hill to the grave yard above that part of our property- the fence and barb wire will stop sneaking into the range. I have game cameras everywhere and even though the range is hidden and well off any right of way, the cameras caught two local power company workers prowling and one looks identical to the game camera shots of Blowup Motherf####### 59

About a week ago I gave birth to an 18oz 20cm gallbladder that was going gangrenous and ruptured the second they got out it out and I'm not supposed to do anything. I've even failed at not doing anything.

I gotta lift my lathe up put it on skids and sleigh it into the other end of the shop for repair.
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My theory is this: Someone stole an early Fed Ord M14 and then removed all the USGI parts, sold the parts at the flea market at Hayesville(I have seen Garand and M14 parts there) or he sold them on GB or otherwise online. Left with a receiver- he sells it to his buddy who works just over the GA line at power company in Young Harris.

Guy who mows right of ways sees what it costs to build the avg M-14, and craps a brick. Orders a kit from S------ you know who, and then out comes the dremel, die grinder, and the bench grinder. Voila.
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