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This M1A can hunt

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Just returned from hunting. Hunting was slow but the SA M1A did it's job. As I was approaching one of my stands after a good walk with pack, I spotted a doe 90 yards away. I fired standing, offhand with pack on my back and she dropped in her tracks. The load was IMR 4895 and 165gr Nosler B.T. at 2600 fps. Bullet performance was great. Went and checked her, got a little blood on my stock, sure hope SixTGunr don't get mad at me.

Afterward, I got up in my stand and spent rest of day. While setting in my stand, I came to a few conclusiions about hunting with the m1a/m14.
One is the magazine. It and shooting rails doesn't mix too well, one seemed to always be in the way of the other.

When it started to rain, all I could think about was all the parts and hard to reach places getting wet.

Also, I feel the rubber recoil pad would be better at hunting than the metal military buttplate. The rubber pad sticks to my shoulder better. The miltary buttplate, in my opinion, would stay on shoulder better without the cleaning kit in. I like to keep rifle balanced across shooting rail and shoulder. The deer I hunt are not like the ones I see on TV hunting programs, giving time for hunter to pick up rifle and make shot after talking for 15 minutes.

Any comments or solutions to above minor annoyances above? Overall I enjoyed hunting with the m1a and will do it again, but as of now, my Model 70 300 mag and my 257 weatherby mag are hard to beat.

For a couple days prior to gun season, I hunted with black powder and got another doe. Lost one real nice buck with muzzle loader, the best I've seen in 4 or 5 years. Knocked him down and couldn't find. Blood trail simply played out. Hate it.

Joe A.