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Thinking About Montana

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Hi all.

Well, it looks like Minnesota wants to be more like Kalifornia and New Jersey so I decided to entertain the thought of moving. I am thinking about applying for a different job that is available working out of either Laurel, MT or Missoula, MT. I am wondering what it is like out there.

I have been reading about these towns online and I get the impression that Missoula is like a little piece of San Francisco. I also understand the valley gets foggy and smoggy a lot and that it's quite cloudy there. My wife thinks it looks nice there, and so do I.

The Billings/Laurel area looks OK too, but kind of arid and treeless. I like that location better because it would shave some drive time off if I want to go back to Minnesota to visit, and it seems more conservative. My wife on the other hand thinks it looks brown and dirty, and she hasn't been able to find any decent rentals. (We would have to do a short sale on our MN house so we would need to rent for a while).

I have a wife and four kids, so safety and good schools are important.

Does anybody have any input?
Is the Laurel/Billings area nice?
Is Missoula nice?
Are the people there accepting of newcomers?
Is there ample hunting/shooting spaces around Billings?
Is either of these areas a good spot to raise a family?

I know, a lot of questions but any input would be greatly appreciated!