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There's a new sniper Rifle in town

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Decided to see what my M-14CM4 Tactical rifle would look like with my SuperSniper Scope from my DMR. well let me tell ya....I like the feel of this rifle with the scope much better than the DMR. The shorter buttstock let's me get a much better eye relief and don't need a cheek rest as far as I can tell. Can't wait to get her to the range and see what she can do with a scope.

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Do you ship to Kalifornia ? :D :D :D

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I need more money...

That is truly the most beautiful weapon I have ever seen. I'm leary about the butt stock though. How can you shoot it without a good cheek weld?
Rides a little low on my cheek but seems to be stable. I'm considering getting one of those snap on cheek rests for it. Then it will be good to go, however, the way it is I can shoot either iron sights or with the scope. The plus side is that the stock is very versitile (sp).
Very cool!! I want one.

thanks Hawk, officially drooling now. very nice indeed.
That definitely has a very high LCF(Look Cool Factor!!!! :D ).

Good Job Hawk!!!!

thanks guys.....have at least 2 M-14CM4 Tactical stocks going up your way so far :D :D :D
Nice, I hope to be ordering one of those stocks about Sept. don't have a preban :(
skullboy said:
That definitely has a very high LCF(Look Cool Factor!!!! :D ).
I think the technical term is "CDI" Factor - for "Chicks Dig It." :lol:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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