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There's a New Black Rifle in town

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just thought yawl might want to see a comparison pic of my M-14CM4 Tactical preban and my AR15A2 postban match rifle :D
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Hi Hawk,

I think that side by side comparison shot is pretty cool! Again, good job!


Tom O.
Looks good Hawk ...

Is it an optical illusion or is it that they appear to be almost equal in length even with the big boy having the std length barrel ... ???

Have you weighed the newbie in yet ... ???

Thanks guys.... The Rifle with the M-14CM4 Tactical stock is about 1" longer than my postban AR with the new crossbreed flashhider which means that it's aprox 2" longer with a USGI M-14 flash hider. Weighs in at just about 9 lbs. of course that's using my wife's ole bathroom scale :lol: :lol:
Like the M-14CM4.

Nice comparison Hawk.

Hi Hawk

At first I thought it was an AR180 but , after a while it just became an M14

all of a sudden....... 8O Like the PAIR.......... :lol:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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