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The learning curve, on the trigger parts.

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A new learning curve experience.
Today i decided to swap out unknown trigger parts for some USGI parts.
the patient was a Korean? trigger assembly for known USGI parts.
Now ive never taken apart the trigger assembly as ive never needed too. ( touch wood) but i had this spare assembly on hand so i decided what the hell lol. Worst case id not be able to reassemble at all and end up with alot of bits in a ziplock baggie.
However disassembly was actually really easy after i looked at it for a bit.
I ended up swapping the following for USGI parts.
Trigger and hammer pins, the hammer, trigger, safety as well as the hammer spring, housing and the wedged shaped thing thats name eludes me at this time ( i want to say plunger but im not sure ).
I think the hardest part was holding it all together and compressed to line up the last pin. Of course if i could of found my quickclamp my thumbs wouldnt be aching as i type this.
I just wanted to share my experience and as ive never done it before to others who may not have its something i would say to do even if its just to gain the confidance of disassembly and reassembly of it.
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I put together a USGI set awhile back. I found a video by Tony Ben that helped. 😀 Getting an idea how to hold it made all the difference.

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Congratulations. Learned to do in without looking in early 1966 in USMC bootcamp. Had them apart and back together many hundreds of times since then. Once you learn how to compress the trigger spring, you have it knocked.

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I have posted this link before, but I think it's appropriate here. This is what I use for all detail work on small assemblies and parts.


Not only can you position things any way you want, you can also put controlled tension on things.

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I learned from a marine - watched Tony Ben's instructional video. Now, I teach all the newbies - No need for clamps -it is not that complicated. The trick is not removing the pin w/ the hammer cocked. LOL!
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