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The final report on the USS Bonhomme Richard

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A Navy investigation into the fire that destroyed the USS Bonhomme Richard concluded that although the July 2020 fire is believed to be arson, "the ship was lost due to an inability to extinguish the fire."
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© Provided by CBS News SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - JULY 12: A fire burns on the amphibious assault ship USS Bonhomme Richard at Naval Base San Diego on July 12, 2020 in San Diego, California. There was an explosion on board the ship with multiple injuries reported. / Credit: Sean M. Haffey / Getty Images

The findings, reviewed by CBS News on Tuesday, found that 36 individuals —including the ship's captain and five admirals — were responsible for the loss of the ship, either by their own actions or by a lack of oversight leading up to the alleged arson.

The investigation also took note of "repeated failures" during the 19-month period the ship was undergoing a major overhaul that "allowed for the accumulation of significant risk and an inadequately prepared crew, which led to an ineffective fire response."

The fire started on a Sunday in July 2020, while the ship was undergoing an overhaul in San Diego. It burned for four days and injured over 60 sailors and civilians before firefighters could put it out.

Extinguishing the fire required hundreds of military and civilian firefighters and used helicopters to dump gallons of water onto the blaze.

Earlier this year, the Navy charged 20-year-old Ryan Sawyer Mays for starting the blaze. Mays, who holds the rank of seaman apprentice, was a member of the ship's crew at the time.

While investigators believe Mays started the fire, they found the ship's destruction should have been prevented.

The investigation found four major areas that contributed to the ultimate destruction of the ship - the material condition of the ship, the lack of training and readiness, the inadequate response of support from the shore, and oversight that would've codified what to do in response to the fire.

The Navy estimated it would cost more than $2.5 billion to repair the ship, so it had the ship decommissioned in April and towed away to be dismantled.


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Well, that is not hard to believe. With the compliancy that the military is experiencing right now, this is bound to happen. The crew has to be well trained in damage control. I hated doing fire drills and actually doing something other than sleeping in my fire locker with my NCO's cause I was always tired and sea sick. BUT they found out that I can actually run and direct a fire team. So I was at all the trainings.
So it is bound to happen to a ship. I am just glad it was not due to enemy actions or worse and got alot of sailors killed.

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IMHO, If we ever get into a shooting war with China or Russia, we will get our asses kicked hard and fast and China/Russia will own the former USA and its survivors.
They will fight to win the war, and they have the industrial power to do it. While we will fight to win hearts and minds and limit collateral damage.

Our military and political leaders are as inept as they are corrupt.

The greatest generation is all but gone and they ain't coming back from the dead.

Very, very sad indeed.

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I looked at post #9 and put the sad face on there then scrolled up and saw this was the thread with that newest 4 star freak. I had forgotten about that because I keyed in off the Bonhomme Richard. Same feeling when somebody inserted another freak into the Beautiful Women thread(dare I even mention that).

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I was painful to post it.
But not near as painful as the reality of it all.
Like a Nightmare you cannot wake up from.
The reality of all the decline that has transpired in the last decade is hard for me to quantify.
Somehow I cannot simply write it off to some sort of natural generational dissonance.
All of the scoffed at radical assumptions of what would develop from ill informed social and political deviation are coming true at an alarming rate.
It’s as if the technology of a digital world has accelerated the wages of sin.
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