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El Cid-Class of 91/ use of M-14's

Our M-14's were fully functional otherwise (except missing the firing pins). I remember walking over to Jenkins Hall (ROTC building and armory) and having "Shorty" install firing pins into our M-14's prior to FTX's (Ft Bragg, Francis Marion Forest, Camp LeJeune, etc). They were used primarily for OpFOR and we ran blanks through them but at the end of an exercise, they were spotless and ready for a TAC inspection.

You could barely understand SSgt "Shorty" Robinson but he was a facinating man who saw a bunch of us come through the armory doors over the years. One time he let me peek deep into the armory and I recall crates of M-14 mags and parts. No telling what happened to all of that.

It's been 20 years but I seem to think I carried a "SPRINGFIELD ARMORY" rifle. I wish I could remember the serial number but we were issued new rifles every year and I just didn't recall it.

Those were some fantastic times.

The Citadel-Class of 1991
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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