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The book - M14 Rifle History and Development

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FYI, I went through the manuscript this evening. I added the last minute nuggets gleaned from today's Las Vegas Crossroads of the West Show. I've corrected all of the font sizing and significantly reduced the amount of bold type. I made some writing changes to make it easier on me when I approach the publisher. Next, I corrected the few grammatical errors. I will be doing the final editing over the next week. After that, I will send it off for review. After that, it goes to the publisher. 8)
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After it is all said and done.......

Different, after it is all said and done, what are you going to charge us for a signed copy of your masterpiece?
Me three........ :lol:

Put me down for at least one. :D

I want a signed first edition, PLEASE!!!

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So we gonna work on a group buy for signed first edition???
I'm in for a signed one, too, please.
Me too! A signed first edition will be cool.

Your E publication is top notch, Different. I refer to it often.

:!: Reminder: I PMd you, I need Two! :mrgreen:
Would love to be on the list also,,,its will be a MUST HAVE Book!!!! :)
Yep. Put me down for one as well. Let us know what the publishing date will be...

Although, what I'm REALLY looking for is the movie. Who's playing you? Ben Affleck? Schwarzenegger? :wink:

Hey Different,I'm down for one also!Thanks,James
Put me down for one.


Thank you very much for the interest and encouragement. I've been out of town since Sunday morning. I hope to get home this evening. I'm about three-quarters of the way through the final edit. I'll make the corrections then send the manuscript to very heavy hitters for review. After that, it goes to the publisher.

Don't hold me to it but the book price will be about $18 to $22. You'll be able to buy them direct from the publisher or from me. I'll probably get a P O Box so you can send me payment direct should you want an autographed copy.

Moose, I'll get back to you on your question. I'm renting a computer at $0.65 a minute right now. I can't stay long. :lol:
Seems to me that they should be ordered directly from Different to get that first edition signed copy. :wink:
Count me in for a "signed" copy. I have reread the "E" copy several times. Thanks for a GREAT service Different! 8)
I'll take 2. One signed and one to donate to my local library.
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