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The BM59 Program

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Many have Garand's laying around and want a BM59. I developed this program for just that person. If you don't like that option, I do them ala carte of course. This all came about because of the opportunity to purchase many of the kits that just came into this country from Italy.


If anyone has any questions about the 59 I'm of course happy to answer them.
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Another option for all these kits you see? M14 feed them. Here's a customer rifle I did but with a new stock set from The Stock Emporium. The owner, Sean, inlets the Garand stock with all the cuts the BM59 should have including the winter trigger.

This rifle could be made with a BM59 kit (NOT a BM59E kit), a M1 Garand receiver, and a BM59 builder barrel from Standard Parts (you can also choose to go with a Criterion M1 Garand .308 barrel and I can modify it).

The rifle pictured had the bayonet lug milled off as the customer can't have one where he lives.
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