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The BM59 at Shuff's

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The BM59 is one of the things I do at Shuff's. There are a lot of ways to skin a cat, I don't claim to have a way any better than anyone else's. What matters is the end result, most people seem to like the end result I give... so far :)

Here's some photo's, and a video, of a BM59 mod I just did today. Probably boring stuff to most all of you.

The receiver in the zinc park it came in, looks dark but in reality it's pretty light. The leg angles, keys, skirt cuts are done.
I use oiled air to do my cutting, that's the noise in the video. The receiver is now done, parked and shipped. I didn't give photo's of the finished product, thought the customer deserved to be the first to see that :)

There's also a video here showing my basic inside milling procedure.

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Thanks for sharing that. It is interesting to see how some of these things are done.
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