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The best cheekrest for an M!A/M14

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Like to know what you think is the best cheekrest for yours M1A/M14?
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So, how about adjustable, strap on, AND holds a magazine? All 3 things.
Anyone got one to recommend?
Another vote for the Triad. I have them on two of my rifles and am getting one. the Cheek-n-Stock looks good though.
500 Denier Cordura Nylon
Riser Height:
Approx. 1.5″
Three Hook/Loop Straps
One (1) Standard USGI 20rd M14 Magazine
I'm sure that my ($20) VooDoo cheek rest will be more than adequate for my set-up. It's extremely well made, pretty much ambidextrous, and comes with a detachable cartridge holder.

I'll get a good idea tomorrow when I take possession of my [first] M1A.

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HeyGhost...that looks just like mine! Works great.
The Voodoo isnt tall enough for me, I think the Coyote is gonna be ordered very soon!
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...if the bradly was.taller I'd.go.with that model...

...Im thinkin I need more like 2" of lift...bradly explained that his rest provides 1 3/8" lift...

...bradly is very cool to deal with...but methinks I'll be ordering cyote rest too...

Coyote will make whatever you want.
Give them a call.
They fabbed up a nice 1-3/4" lefty version for me.
(buckles on the opposite side.)

louie, out!
...they look good too fully the egual if not.superiour product. but I went with cyote 1 7/8 @ $53.83 delivered...
I cut the bottom off one of the old style plastic ar-15 cheek rests, rounded the edges with my dremel tool and it slides right on to my stock. Secured it with a small flat head screw. Works great, very stable and doesn't look half bad.
i like my SEI
SEI Tall 2014 right? I agree, they are the whoop.

Just ordered a Coyote 1 7/8''..cant wait til it gets here!
^Just arrived the other day. Love it.
Hey Guys, might be a stupid question but how does one go about measuring or figuring out what height will work the best for his M1A? I have a 1987 Super Match that I usually use iron sights on, but when I work on load development I like to use a scope.

Thanks Pete
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