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these are our everyday garrison options! if some A-hole wants to come on post and start blasting away, nothing is stopping him. if that person was well trained, they could do insurmountable damage before anyone could render them incapacitated. its scary to think about.

the freak muslim officer that shot up our guys at ft hood- we're lucky he was a rear-echlon POG. the only reason why he got as many as he did was how close they were and how many there were (the SRP site). Imagine if a well trained, crazy guy wanted to really do some damage. whos going to stop em? The cops? theres no real deterrent in place. thats the beauty of CHL. It helps prevent this kind of catastrophe. No magic line of "cant carry here" is going to stop violence from a well determined attacker, and the gate security cant search all the vehicles. even there, theres 1000's of ways on post other than the front gate. I could show you a dozen ways to get on ft benning from the back 40.

It sucks because off post and in uniform I ALWAYS carry. we are a target these days. I feel pretty safe that way. its ON POST that i worry sometimes.

these laws and regulations arent helping anyone and i wish they would change them.
My memory is hazy on the incident, but I believe it was Ft. Campbell a few years ago where some soldier managed to get hold of a M249 and some ammo and started blasting formations as they were conducting PT in the morning. I don't remember what the death toll was, but the principle of not being able to defend yourself on base still stands out. I always hated not being able to carry on base....
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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