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Tested out some xmas presents at the range

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I bought a Springfield standard m1A from a guy I know about a year ago, when I turned 18, and since then, I've been working on it and myself. I always had trouble getting a clear sight picture with a .062 NM front sight and the regular apeture in the rear, so I bought myself a globe front sight and a NM hooded apeture. I finally got to the range today after about 6 months of work and school, and noticed an immediate improvement in my shooting. Here is the second best target of the day, the other one I accidently left at the range.

The group is 3 inches from the top hole to the bottom one, which isnt anything really special (2.5 at 100 yards is normal for me), but I'll keep it. The best group was just under 2.5 inches.

I shot at 200 yards with Federal Match 168 grain bullets from prone with a bipod.

By next week I should have a new op rod spring guide that my brother is making, and Ill be going up to the range as soon as possible after that. Hopefully it will be even tighter! (my current spring guide is actually bent...and thats not good)
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Since you are shootin that well you should buy the smaller "shoot-n-see" and save a few more bucks for ammo :D

Very nice job!

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