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Tell me if I made a mistake!

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I went to a gun show this past weekend. I saw and purchased an M1 Carbine for $275.00. I know quite a bit about firearms and believed this to be a great deal for a nice condition M1. However, after a bit of research I found out that Universal is not exactly a highly respected name. I was told it is a "Universal Delux" model. It has a somewhat unusual looking wooden stock. I have not fired it yet. Can anyone tell me what exactly I have and when it was made or more info web site. Thanks.
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Universal made civilian carbines out of Fla. Early models used many USGI parts, including the single recoil spring. Later models used a brazed, stamped, slide, a fixed gas piston assy., and dual recoil springs, along with a cast trigger housing.

The Universal was bought out by Iver Johnson in the 1980's. People either hate them, or love them. I've had one for 20+ years with no problem. A friend of mine bought one used in the mid-80's, and is still shooting it. Others haven't been as lucky. :D
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