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Today I was given the oppertunity to try a one-off Nickel-boron coated magazine. The range manager at my local public range asked me to try it out and give an evaluation. He is in P.R., Marketing & Sales for the parent company that does the coating, FailZero. This company does not produce Magazines but will be coating them in the future for Brownells. What magazines will be coated for I do not know.(hopefully CMI) And I can not give you a price range or product date. Like I said, this is a teaser of things to come.
The magazine I used was an old USGI magazine that had widened out(tight side to side) but functioned flawlessly. Even though it was tight, the coating let it slip in the magwell easily. Loading rounds was also easier than my CMI mags. The coating is suppose to aid accuracy as the bolt has less friction coming over the magazine. I could not tell at this time, I was testing loads today.(my next thread)
Here are some pictures and a link to FailZero for more info.

www.FailZero.com for more info.

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