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TAPCO U.S. made reproduction 20 rd. mags.

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While visiting TAPCO I saw they had an ad for M14 U.S. made reproduction 20 rd. mags. @ $24.99 each plus shipping of course. Has anyone tried these? Mags. look to have a parkerized finish. If they are U.S. made I wonder who made them?
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For that priceyou can get USGI OEM for tne to fiftenn more and never worry. It is like guys with Garands who buy Korean KA or PS ammo and they have problems because of corrosio or headseparation. THey can't spend a few moe dollars on Lake City or the Federal CMP 3006. If you buy a thousand dollar or more rifle don't go cheap on a USGI OEM magazine which will cost you ten to fifteen more.
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