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Re: Slings

Hawkman,are those critters black? Does he have any already made up?
what is cost? ZEITSEF
Mr. Tam does Black and Brown. I don't happen to know what the current costs are. He usually wants to talk with you to get the correct sizes and what you would want.

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Les Tam custom makes each sling. He offers black and brown, riveted or stitched, etc. He will shoot you an e-mail with his prices upon request. He will want to speak with you to insure that he has your correct length specifications, etc.

You can find info on him at: http://www.sharkysdive.net/lestamslings.htm . This guy is really easy to speak to and seems like a really nice person. I hope to run into him at the local range someday.

Hope this helps.


Tom O.
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