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Talked to Ron Smith today................

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Hi all,

I had a long talk with Ron of Smith Enterprise today. As I was talking to him about building my LRB into a Bush Rifle he told me about a few new products he's selling that were being used by the U.S. Navy.

The first is a "Direct connect Vortex Flash Hider" $75.00 . Since I live in "The Peoples Republic of" I'll have to pass on that one until I can effect an escape from here :cry: .

The other is a "M-14 H&K Type Front Sight" for a Bush/Scout rifle. It is attached to the Gas Cylinder Lock and also goes for $75.00. I don't think he has pictures of them on his site yet, so I'm going on Ron's description to have him install one on my LRB M-14 Bush 8) . Building a new rifle is better than Christmas :D .

Oh! Almost forgot the most important part of our conversation..... He stated that once the Iraq thing winds down and he has time He's going to build a Limited Run of 100 Forged M-14 Receivers 8O . It will be first come first serve and he's taking Pre-orders by E mail only. He's storing them in a data base. I'm #1 :wink: . He says the price will be around $1,000.00

Hope I got it all correct? Maybe now would be a good time to enter a disclaimer??

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That's what I get for not staying in touch with Ron.
I just sent him an email for 1. :D

I knew I was saving all these new USGI chrome lined barrels for a good cause. :D 8) :p :wink:

Oh yeah,I can't forget about all these bolts either. :D 8) :p :wink:

warbird out

Is this what you're looking for??
I still have gas cylinders but I'll have to open a can to get it.

warbird out

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Anonymous said:
Hey warbird, great collection!!! 8O

One question... are a few of those SA bolts non-USGI?

Howdy azski:

All those bolts are USGI.The SA bolt marked 7790185-SA Y02 is an early M14 bolt.Notice the 5 on the end of the federal stock number instead od 6.
I also have a new H&R bolt with the same number. 8)

These parts are only a fraction of the parts I have in the warehouse.Man,If I took a picture of the boxes of M14 parts I have in the warehouse you guys would droooool for a year.Come to think of it,I may have to do that. :D :wink:

It's not everyday you get to see a small warehouse full of M14 parts.I've had to keep the location a secret because of the value.I think it's in the neighborhood of about $50,000-$60,000.I'm trying to find time to sort thru more of the goodies.With hunting season here it may not be untill next year. :p

By the way,the barrels are not for sale (unless I find more) since I need to keep a couple for spares.I wish I had 100 more.I do have most of the other parts though except flashiders.

There's some demilled parts in the mix and I need to sort out the good stuff.

I don't think anybody loves the M14 as much as I do.I hope it shows :D

Fly high,shoot low and you'll hit'em every time.warbird
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