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Talked to Ron Smith today................

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Hi all,

I had a long talk with Ron of Smith Enterprise today. As I was talking to him about building my LRB into a Bush Rifle he told me about a few new products he's selling that were being used by the U.S. Navy.

The first is a "Direct connect Vortex Flash Hider" $75.00 . Since I live in "The Peoples Republic of" I'll have to pass on that one until I can effect an escape from here :cry: .

The other is a "M-14 H&K Type Front Sight" for a Bush/Scout rifle. It is attached to the Gas Cylinder Lock and also goes for $75.00. I don't think he has pictures of them on his site yet, so I'm going on Ron's description to have him install one on my LRB M-14 Bush 8) . Building a new rifle is better than Christmas :D .

Oh! Almost forgot the most important part of our conversation..... He stated that once the Iraq thing winds down and he has time He's going to build a Limited Run of 100 Forged M-14 Receivers 8O . It will be first come first serve and he's taking Pre-orders by E mail only. He's storing them in a data base. I'm #1 :wink: . He says the price will be around $1,000.00

Hope I got it all correct? Maybe now would be a good time to enter a disclaimer??

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Hi Tom,

He said it would most likely be after the first of he year. So you can start saving for the next few months :lol: .


P.S. here is his e mail address: [email protected]
Hey Guys,
Don't shoot me I'm just the messenger :lol: . Ron asked if I'd pass it on to you guys. You've got plenty of time to start saving your lunch money........ Ron says it won't be until the beginning of next year. With all the money I've been spending I'm skipping lunch and dinner :( . And since I was first to E Mail I'll be getting the low number :wink: .

Quagmire said:
OK, here's a question - will these be double lugged receivers? All of the forged SmithEnt receivers I've seen (4 of them - all owned by a local gent who steadfastly refuses to sell me one :roll: ) are double (rear) lugged.

I'm really not interested in a double lugged receiver given a choice.
I have a Cast Smith M-14 which is double lugged and a Forged Smith M-14 that is a rear lug only.... I didn't think to ask if they would be lugged or not. I'd actually want one without lug so I can change stocks if I want to.

Quagmire said:
Got this in reply to my e-mail:

Thanks, we will keep this on file. By the way, the receivers will be made of barstock.
What exactly does this mean? Anyone?
Same reply here :roll: :?:
Can't wait to see your rifle 8O .

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