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T37 Suppressor

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About a week ago, there was a post about a USGI T37 suppressor up on eBay. I got this suppressor a while back from somewhere online and I always thought that it was chinese as I'd heard that the ones with the dab of white paint were chinese. I never noticed the eagle in the smear of paint though.

What do you think? GI or repro?

pic 1
pic 2
pic 3

pics changed to urls as they exceed the allowable width of 400 pixels....The R.O.
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It is not the current cast reproduction from Taiwan. Yours is machined, but the only ones I have seen with the DAS were those made at Springfield Armory in 1959. The ones produced at Watervliet had no DAS. SA was forged and machined, Watervliet was cast and machined. Yours looks like neither. I see machining marks on yours, which means it was never refinished. But the light gray appearance is uncharacteristic of all the GI T37's I have seen. Original finish T37's are dark gray to black.

About 10 years ago a SGN advertiser had these listed as being GI issue, but having researched the T37, I had doubts. None of these have ever been found in a GI wrap, nor were any of these found in a large DOD purchase of T37's from 1989. They suddenly appeared on the market with the DAS marking, then disappeared.

You can't go by the DAS because most are just an unrecognizable blob of white paint. It looks well made, much better than the castings. I just don't know.
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