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Synthetic stock flex

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Hi Guys . If this has been covered somewhere before , danged if i can find it . My synthetic Springfield Armory stock should arrive within days and the plan is to install Roosters cheek rest and bed the action . Regarding the stock flex , i have a plan . I use a very small drill bit and drill a series of shallow holes on both sides of the barrel channel and along the bottom . The holes give the Devcon something to cling to . About a 1/8 inch thickness of Devcon in the barrel channel and when it cures , i have a steel forestock liner that ads weight and reduces flex . On the other hand , shooting between 0 and 90 degrees , the stock and Devcon have a different rate of expansion and contraction . Hmmm... With one being very bad and 10 being very good , how would you rate this idea , and why ? I'm not a gunsmith and have never played one on t.v. :)
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Aloha ATR:

Many have experiemented with a variety of products to try and get a bit more rigidness in the USGI synthetic stock forearm.

I have tried fiberglass, steel rods and bedding material to varying success. Aside from strengthening the forearm, you may consider supporting the area between the magwell and the forearm, hopefully, this will give you a reduction in forearm flex.

Just completed a bedding/accurizing job on a SOCOM in a USGI synthetic stock (don't ask me why but my friend just really wanted it done). When completed, I took it to the range for a test run and the work done showed increased performance and much tighter groups (based on what I was told he was getting and what I shot).

All in all, I think it will work for you... it may not be the amount of draw pressure you would get from a match stock but the bedding and the "increased" draw pressure should improve on what you have now...

Aside, it is a great project and worth the lesson... Just take your time and be careful, it should come out fine.

Good Luck and Happy Holidays,

Tom O.
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Thanks Tom . The extent of my experience is bedding a few old enfields in wooden stocks . I like this synthetic Springfield Armory stock and with the addition of Roosters rest it should work out well . I guess i was looking for a word of encouragement , and recieved it . Thank You . Art

Anyother advice and i'm listening .
I have lined the inside of the forearms of my synthetic USGI stocks with Brownells Steel Bed and PC7 Steel Epoxy. It works for me with no problems, though I have never determined the increase in accuracy.

I also line the hollowed out areas at the receiver when I bed it. On one stock the epoxy dropped out but I had neglected to rough-up the area before bedding. Used an epoxy to glue it back in!
I used 1/8"x1/2" aluminum bar stock and used marine tex to bed it into the vertical walls of the barrel channel. This did stiffen the forearm considerably.
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