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Sykes USGI E-2 Stock Closes 2/3 at midnight

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Member "Cappy" has graciously put this Sykes USGI E-2 stock up for auction to benefit the forum.

Stock has no cracks that "Cappy" can find anywhere and comes with a standard sling swivel and rubber butt pad with rear sling swivel. These of course are not correct, and the winner of the Donauction will need to find the correct parts in order to correctly restore it.

We're starting the Donauction off at $5

Bidding is to be in $5 increments (no more, no less).
Bidding is out in the open and must be posted to count.

Payment will be via PayPal (DISCREET) or snail mail of a Postal Money Order. Winner must contact me for specifics.

"Cappy" will be taking care of the shipping and will chime in here with the method it will be shipped.

We are offering a 3-day crack inspection so that the purchaser can be confident that there are no cracks. Funds will be held until the 3 days are up.

Auction will close on Thursday 3 Feb 2011 at midnight.
This is the chance for those who have always wanted a USGI E-2 stock.

Good Luck! and Good Bidding!
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1 - 7 of 52 Posts
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