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Swedish Mausers

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Anybody else here have one. They are excellant shooters. Beautifully made and accurate. Swedes were able to buy their issue rifle when they left the service if they wanted.
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Yes, I have three beautiful looking Swedish Mausers. My first one is a 1901 Carl Gustaf m/96, the 2nd is a real nice Carl Gustaf m/96 from 1908, reworked into a m/41b with all matching SN and a great Ajack scope, all original (1941). The third I just received this month from my brother, it's a m/38 Swedish Mauser, a Husqvarna Vapenfabrinks manufactured in 1942. I only use old Hirtenberger Army surplus ammo from '86. I take at least one or more a month to the local rifle range here to go shooting for score vs. my brother.

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