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For Sale: I have a Brand new SureFire M951, Comes with Pressure Switch, IR filter lens, Built in Piccatinny rail mount, and an extra bulb. Batteries are included, but I wouldn't count on them being %100, as I have had this moth balled for sometime. It has a standard on off switch as well, which can be used with or without the pressure switch. You can take the entire flip up lens bracket off, if it is in your way. This is brand new I only opened it today to take the pics. $300 shipped You can look this light up on google product search, they go for substantially more.

I have 64 feedbacks all A+ on Gunbroker, as seller AtticArmory, if you have any concerns I'll set up a dummy auction to verify.

****Gentlemen, I bought this almost 2 years ago. When I did they were going for over $300 on Ebay, and $450+ everywhere else. I guess not that many had been released to auction then. They are now going for $160 on ebay now, I did not realise this when I posted this listing. I had no intentions of gouging anyone, and since I don't want to loose money by seling it at the ebay price. I am going to end this sale, marking it has sold. If you really, really want it for $300, I am a man of my word, but I'd really suggest you get it on Ebay.

If a moderator wants to chime in and delete this post or what ever is correct, please do.
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