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Not a rescue.

“Properly interpreted, the Second Amendment allows a ‘variety’ of gun regulations,” wrote Roberts and Kavanaugh, who also noted that states can still make applicants for a firearm license “undergo fingerprinting, a background check, a mental health records check, and training in firearms handling and in laws regarding the use of force, among other possible requirements.”

This is more ammunition for the Federal Camel to stick its' nose under the tent.

Look for NY to hang their hats on restrictive regulations that mitigate this ruling.
I have not finished reading the decision, but I think this is in a separate, special concurring opinion, and not a part of the Court's six-justice opinion. The Court's opinion is the law which other courts have to follow.

Again, I am not done, but I'll get back to you. If I don't by this time tomorrow (4:00pm Central on Fri 24th) please send a PM to prod me. ;)
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