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I live in West Virginia and we as a State do have issues that need to be corrected, but certainly not for any illegal gun laws for in fact we have zero laws regarding ownership of firearms. Open or concealed is the individual's choice and only recently can have a loaded rifle open in your vehicle as you travel. Would imagine our DNR (Department of Natural Resources) will supersede that ruling during hunting season, but that is fine with me. When we did have requirement for a CC permit and you met basic requirements as citizenship, resident, it was not a situation where "may" be used by the Sherrif's office to grant a CC permit, but rather you "will" issue the permit. It was finally decided that a Sherrif does not have the authority to issue any laws but enforce those put in place by our Legislature and Governors approval. As far as I can see the ruling by the SCOTUS is a winner any way you look at it and am positive other States will face the situation in the near future.
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