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I did a quick search and stumbled upon a few threads mentioning what to do when suppressing an M1A, and the consensus is to use a Shuster adjustable gas plug to deal with the gas blowback.

I also saw a comment that the user Ted Brown was looking to create a new gas valve that required no modification to the plug but that was from 2016.

So far I have a scoped 22" M1A that I am thinking about getting a Shuster gas plug and Smith Enterprises threaded adapter for.

So anyway, I'm looking for what is new out there for suppressing an M14 and if anyone here has a setup that they'd share.
I am going to be following this one to see what else comes to pass here....looking at going this distance as well with my SAI Standard and feel the .30cal can is going to take it to the next level from its mostly-DMR build.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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