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Super Match?? What to look for

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I am going to look at a "Super Match" that a guy has for sale. He says that it is a heavy barrel with oversize stock. The serial number is 200**, sold 10/1981. I contacted Carol at Springfield Armory and she said that it left Springfield as a standard M1A. The rifle has a TRW bolt and NM sights but the guy says that he has never taken the receiver out of the stock because of the bedding and has no idea about the rest of the parts. He doesn't know if it has a rear lug or not.

If I am going to pay a premium price I will want to know if all the parts are GI. The guy says he has had it for many years and has never fired it, no idea how much use it got before he got it.

What else should I look for? Anything to look for specifically on the barrel?
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Lemmonhead;1732173 I have a loaded model now but have been wanting a Super Match for awhile to shoot highpower matches said:
I had a standard model once upon a time and sent it in to Springfield for their "Supermatch upgrade". I forget what the cost was, but I guess it must have seemed reasonable at the time. Krieger barrel, NM sights, trigger job, bedding, etc.

Anyway, when it was finished, my rifle was the equivalent of a Supermatch except for the receiver lugs. I later dropped it into a McMillan stock, but if you want that you can have Springfield do that, too. It is still a very fine-shooting rifle.

That said, you probably will find your AR better suited to highpower matches unless it's a real dog. Almost nobody shoots anything but an AR any more, at least in service rifle matches.

Edit: Good info in this thread: http://m14forum.com/accuracy/198804-nm-barrels-springfield.html

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