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super match trigger

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Hello all, I got a new springfield super match today. I checked it out visually in the gun shop, pulled the op rod partially back a couple of times but for some reason I did not dry fire. I got home and to my suprise the trigger has no first stage at all with an overall weight of 4lbs. I have shot several m1a's and m1's and know this is not right but I don't know how/if I can fix this at home. anybody ever heard of such a thing. Thanks so much.
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Normally, I call it having no second stage? You feel resistance to the pull, and then it drops without hitting the second stop?

Assuming someone has not completely ruined it by doing a crappy trigger job, the fix to restoring second stage is to pull the trigger group, and get a piece of emery or garnet cloth (sandpaper works, but is not ideal because it tears).

Put a small strip between the disconnector and the trigger, with the rough surface facing the trigger. Pull it through several times so it takes material off the back of the trigger (not off the disconnector). This will allow the discon to swing slightly further forward, so it eventually catches the back of the hammer spurs prior to hammer release.

I've only ever done this with a light second stage. If you have no second stage, there is no telling how far off it is. You might need a new hammer if they took too much off the spurs.

Of course, the other possibility is if you don't think anyone worked on it, send it back to Springfield. They have a lifetime warranty.
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