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Super Match 53XXX 1-10 Krieger JAE Gen 2

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I have concluded load development using Varget and H4895 and 168 SMK's with the barrel tensioner in the neutral position, arriving with 2 pet loads and 2 questions.

Varget Pet load is 42 Grains LC '06 LR Brass uniformed Flash Hole and Primer Pocket trimmed 2.07, OAL 2.805 and primed with CCI Benchrest BR-2. This load is holding 1.00" 5 shot groups at 100 yards.

H4895 Pet load is 40.5 Grains LC '06 LR Brass uniformed Flash Hole and Primer Pocket trimmed 2.07 OAL 2.805 and primed with CCI Benchrest BR-2. This load is holding .5" 5 shot groups at 100 yards.

1. Being that this is LC Brass which has less volume than commercial brass do these loadings seem light? There was no exessive fouling on the empty cases so the case is sealing in the chamber and recoil felt normal and ejection is good.

2. I shot groups for load development with the tensioner in the neutral position thus essentially free floating the barrel. I plan to load 50 of the each pet loads and start drawing tension on the barrel tensioner. I'll be using an Inch Pound Torque Wrench going in 5 inch pound increments until goups tighten then widen going back to the tightest group setting. If it ends up that no tesion is the best setting will this hurt the Action or Stock and how much draw is too much?

Thanks for the input,

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I don't see where either load is too light, I have my best results around those charge weights too. Theoretically most rifles have two accuracy "nodes" with each being at a particular muzzle velocity, one higher than the other. If you were to increase the powder loads the groups should grow larger and then shrink at the high accuracy node point. For me, that high point, on the M1A platform, never groups as tight as the low point and it is always a little too hot for me.

As far as the tensioner, I have a JAE stock also and I have run mine in the neutral position quite often, I'm not aware of there being any problems with running the stock that way.

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Your loads seem a little light to me. The magic velocity is 2550-2560 fps with a 168 HPBT in the M14 (full barrel profile) family. This is what the National Match Lake City white box ammo was loaded to. I have been using 41.5 - 41.7 grains of IMR4895 in my Springfield Supermatch and this load does shoot and shoots well! I'm using FC brass which is not the best but they are holding up well under 4x re-loads, better then some LC brass that I have used in the past. I have found that harder or thicker brass (surplus) will not eject ever so often. The commercial brass (like FC and Winchester) seems to be slightly thinner and ejects all the time, just gotta watch out for case head separations.

I use this load above in NRA across the course for 200 & 300 yards. I'm starting to use 41.5 grains of IMR 4895 using a 175 SMK and the few test firings look great.

I have not had great luck with Varget in the M14, Varget works better for me in the AR15. The other powder to try is 4064. GI brass is selling surplus jugs of it. This powder is also great in the M14 since its like 4895.
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