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It's been quite a while since I officially wore the uniform of an active Army unit. We did not use the current Velcro type shoulder patch retainers back in WW-I (just kidding; I was around long after that immortal conflict! You know, the war to end all wars? snort #1.).

Is this patch common on mil-surp jackets these days? I have a few suitable patches, and want to obtain one of the Geronimo-E patches, and some others (incl. my own unit's colors perhaps held on with Velcro glued or sewn on. That would also be useful).

Any ideas about general used or new gear that would have this handy feature?

(BTW, one of my ol' Kanadian Army buddies with whom I was recently quietly discussing possible SHTF actions, or insurgent radicals looking for us in some future "event". He actually suggested, seriously, that I should get a good Canadian Flag patch to use "in case things ever get "hot" and I need to change allegiances" to save my sorry butt.

Remember: Canadians do not think too much of us loud, obnoxious Americans these days. They forget who has bailed them, and the rest of the Western and Euro-world, out time and time again. The attitude of the Euro-French is absolutely the worst, except possibly for the attitude of a French Canadian towards us. Well, screw 'em and their hairy-armpitted wiminn!

Note: during WW-II, my grandfather, too old to serve overseas (he'd been a machine gunner @ Vimy Ridge in WW-I) was asked to provide some security detail work on the famous "Fighting Van Doos', a French-Canuck regiment that refused to go overseas and fight the Nazis. A sort of uniformed war protestor, but drawing pay.


This link would have you believe they were all hot to trot, but that is simply not the whole truth. What's this sort of thing called? Oh yeah: revisionist history that honors the French Canadians where they should not be so honored. Like saying that Custer was a real hero and great general without a hint of arrogance or ego. (snort # 2)

The Van Doos (Van Dogs they were actually called) were "assigned" duties like latrine prep and maintenance, food prep, and tent maintenance. Nice! V. productive!

Hmmm... You can imagine my response to my friend's suggestion; about the same as your's would be if someone said you should hide your American allegiance and citizenship so as to become a peace-loving Kanuck. (I fled that increasingly socialist country and became a v. proud American. Even looked into signing up with the Nat Guard when I got here in '83, but sadly for them, I was too danged old at the time. I was > 36. Snort # 3.

Hey; I can man a .50cal with the best of them! Plus, don't they always need good instructors? Or someone to clean their phunny black mouse gunz?

Changing my colors indeed. That'll be the day! SNORTTTT
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