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I currently have an ARMS 18, but I just recieved a CASM RD (Red Dot) rear sight mount and I had recieved the CASM earlier by mistake. When I asked about the return they let me keep the CASM....good on them I say.

I can attest to the construction quality at this point - both are impressive enought to me (but that's just me).

You can see the stuff and a video over at www.m14.ca (a Canadian firm).

I got the RD one as I am going to try that with a Burris Fastfire III and this mount still allows the use of front iron sight.

The RD model is anodized, almost a parkerized color with the rail black matte. The full mount (CASM) is matte black.

I'll post a few package pics later on.

PS - I don't work for these guys, nor have any monetary interest in them, just liked the design and it happened to be theirs that fit what I was looking for (iron sights and aiming device).
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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