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I have a very nice M1A Scout up for sale that shoots sub MOA with non-match ammo. The below groups were shot with Federal American Eagle 150 gr. Below is a parts list with prices, along with a asking price for this awesome setup.

M1A Scout Rifle: $1600
GI Fiber Glass Stock: $125
Viper PST 2.5-10x FFP Scope: $800
Griffin Armament Rings: $130
M14 CASM Mount: $140
Sadlak National Match Piston: $50
Sadlak National Match Guide Rod: $40
Gas Shim Kit: $20
TNVC Raised Stock Pack: $75
Multicam Grip wrap (will come with the whole roll): $20
3 extra CMI 20 rd mags with magpul ends: $90

Grand Total: over $3000 invested

The rifle will come with 1 Springfield Armory 20 and 3 CMI mags all with magpul ends. I'm willing to take off certain parts and to alter the price (scope, rings, stock pack, etc).

Since it takes a lot to make these rifles shoot like this, and this is one of the few that is capable of shooting this well, I'm looking for $2,800 obo for the whole package. If you are not interested in the scope & rings, I will knock off $800, bringing the total to $2000. You can invest a lot of time and money and still not get an M1A that shoots like this one does. Prices, do not include shipping.

I also have multiple checkmate 20 round mags and 1 5 round checkmate mag that can be purchased. As well as an assortment of 308 ammo from Federal FMJ brass to match grade. Thank you for your interest.


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Would you sell just the magpul ends? I can't find the tan ones anywhere.
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