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When I bought my Winchester Carbine, it was painted black over the park finish. Where it'd peeled in spots on the receiver I could see the original green park finish. Here's what it looked like:

click the pic for a higher resolution image...

The Winchester is the one on the right, obviously.

After months of worring about the right way to get the paint off, I went ahead today and stripped it with some autostrip paint stripper (thanks warbird!). Worked like a champ! Took a couple of hours to get it stripped, oiled, lubed and reassembled, but it was worth it. :D

It's such a relief to have this turn out well! :D :D :D

Here are pics of the end result. The Winchester is in the birch stock.

Not much difference between the two, finish-wise. I'm assuming that the amount of finish remaining is typical on Carbines of this age/era? Was pretty set on having the Winchester reparked (if only to get rid of the black paint). Now that I've got the paint off I'm not so sure. Any suggestions?

If you look close (the last picture shows it well), the stamping on the Winchester's barrel band is muck lighter than that of the Inland. Is this typical? I included pics of the barrels so you could see the stampings. I'm thinking that is an original Winchester barrel?

click any of the pics for higher resolution images (some are huge to show detail)...

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