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Strange M1A/M14 "Scout" Scope Mount

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Check this out guys:


It is a "Scout" mount that is attached to the M14 Handguard. Have anybody seem this before? This is the first that I have seen it.

I am not sure how exactly this handguard is attached to the m14/m1a....but if it is attached to it the same way a typical handguard is, which the handguard and shake and rattle all over the place....this must be the worst scope mount I have never seen! 8O :x
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my guess is that the real deal mounts attach to the barrel like the scout mount. One would think that attaching a mount to the handguard would be for naught as the handguard would have some movement making a consistant zero near impossible. JMHO

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I'd have to agree here ...

I don't see how this could allow for any consistant accuracy of any kind. Cosmetic looks maybe if someone wanted to play BHD scenario but I cant see how something like this could "hold" zero ...

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