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Strange Ammo Find(Please Help)

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Bought two cases from a guy going out of business, he said they were port,THEY WERE NOT. One case looks like a small military foot locker OD green with metal handles inside are 20rd boxes labeled
".308 Win 7.62x51 1978"
The second case is full of 20rd boxes sealed in plastic, each box is labeled "CBC 7.62 Cartuchos 1976 Made in Brazil"

What do I have and is it any good?
Lots of help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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brazilian. CBC is for Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos, located in sao paulo Brazil.
Shoot762 said:
".308 Win 7.62x51 1978"
The only stuff I've seen marked as both so far is Hirtenberger. You need to post the headstamp from the cartridge for confirmation.
The Brazilian rounds are headstamped CBC 76 7.62

The others are headstamped 308W on top, 78 on the bottom, what appear to be zero's on the sides.
Hi Shoot762

I believe the CBC is a company name Magtech. Their good rounds, I 've shot a few rounds of 9MM, 38Spl, 45ACP and 223Rem.

O .308W O 78 Ball, Czechoslovakia: ptd gmcs fmj; FB pr; red PA; ring pr crimp
I think the brazilian stuff is too old to be Magtech, they are a fairly new company. Is the Czech any good and could you explain a few of those abbreviations.
Hi Shoot762

I don't know nothing about the Chech but, all Magtech are headstamped CBC.......... :)

I just found this on Leclair, Davis & Co cartridge page

Ball, Brazil; ptd gm fmj; FBpr: green PA; 3 stake pr crimp
it has the same headstamp

I really want to know if what I have Is good stuff or junk.

Shoot762, Fubar is right on with the CBC Brazilan ammo. I find nothing on the other. If it had HP 308-7.62 it would be boxer primed Hert. But heck if you want to know if its any good of if its just good for plinking or practice load up some mags and put it on target thats the only way to know if your rifle will shoot it or not.
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