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Storing ammo in hot garage

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I never had this problem in California, but now that I live in Florida my garage get over 100 degrees.
The afternoon sun hits my garage door for hours. I know that I need to insulate my door.
I keep most of my ammo in a locked cabinet . Of course I will not shoot it when it’s that high temperature.
Am I ruining my ammo?
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I have a "fruit cellar" or "root cellar" (depending on where you're from) which is all concrete underneath the front porch. I had a steel security door put on there. I keep a dehumidifier in there (and a Golden Rod in the safe which is also in that space) but the temps in the winter get cool and in the summer get stuffy. I doubt it ever gets to 90F but probably in the 80's. Yet it is dry. Shy of cutting into the block and running an AC duct in there that is my setup.
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