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Storing ammo in hot garage

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I never had this problem in California, but now that I live in Florida my garage get over 100 degrees.
The afternoon sun hits my garage door for hours. I know that I need to insulate my door.
I keep most of my ammo in a locked cabinet . Of course I will not shoot it when it’s that high temperature.
Am I ruining my ammo?
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I have an attic setup for ammo. I’ve quartered off a portion of the attic, insulated it, and that section has an attic stair that comes up from a walk in closet. I put in vent that allows cooler air from the closet to go into that insulated section of attic, but for not much temperature loss in the house so long as the closet is closed.

In the dead of the summer it gets as hot as 80 tops up here. All the ammo is in cans inside larger sealed plano cases with plenty of desiccant in each.

So far, so good.
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