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Stocking Up!!!

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I read a few threads about how ammo might get tight if things start to escalate... so I looked around and a local person brought in a good sized shipment of ammo for his use and I got some of it...

3000 rds. .223, 55gr. FMJ factory fresh
200 rds. .308, 168 gr. HPBT Match (Moly Coated) for Testing...
1000 168 gr. HPBT Sierra MK bullet heads
200 pcs. of Lapua .308 brass

He also had lots of pistol ammo but I am well stocked on that for now...

If we can, I am trying to see if I can piggy back on one of his deliveries and buy 10 cases of mil. surp. .308 ammo... that would make it a really nice cache of stuff to tide me over for a while.

I wish I could just jingle AIM surplus with a call, but until I can arrange shipping to Hawaii... that just won't happen...


Tom O.
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I dont think you can have too much ammo put back. You can always sell some if needed, It aint getting any cheaper. :wink:
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