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Stock Project Done...

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I have just recently finished some stocks that I had originally setup as project stocks. This will be a long thread as I have many pics that I wanted to post... Please bear with me.

The stocks that I received were run of the mill USGI stocks (I ordered 2 Birch and 1 Walnut but received another Walnut for buying some parts as a "throw in"...). The stocks came in the usual grundgy way, very dark stain, dings, dents and in a couple of cases severe gouges.

This should give you an idea of how they looked generally...

I think I posted in an older thread what steps I was taking in refinishing these stocks. This is what they looked like with some finish on them... the sun really brings out the best in the stocks.

Not satisfied with just doing a standard refinish job, I thought I would make the Walnut stocks (because they had such great grain and fiddleback in both) like how custom stocks come from Remington.

On this Birch stock, I made a fairly good attempt at refinishing this stock, it had severe gouges, dents and dings. Overall, I think it came out okay. Recently I have seen some of Quagmire and DPERR's outstanding work and I wanted to include at least this Birch that has some figure but very light stripes... The other Birch that is still drying, has prominent stripes and is coming along fine.

Close ups of the Birch.

The sun light was not cooperating when I took the pics of the stocks on the Woodland background... but I hope they were enough to give you an idea of where this project stands...

I hope you like the pics... and thank you letting me share them.

Aloha and Best Wishes,

Tom O.