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Stock painting.

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I want to show how autistic 8O er artistic :oops: I am and paint my stock. I like the designs that continue onto the upper handguard. How do you attach one to the other for painting :( :oops:

C'mon, I might even post a pic if I ever complete it :roll: :roll:
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I Roll up a shop rag enough so when inserted into the front of the stock it sticks up above the stock sides

I then place the handguard on top of the stock and tape the handguard to the stock around the lip of the handguard the is hidden in the barrel band and around the stock ferrule(which is already masked off).

Then I use an elastic hair tie to hold down th rear of the handguard.You will have to move the elastic back and forth out of your way when painting.

I've ordered a synthetic stock from Fred's. What type of paint is best to use on these?
Many folks on here and across the street (BR.com) have had good luck using the "Krylon Camo" spray paints.

Just be sure to follow the directions and use the recommended primer and clear that is noted on the camo cans.

I have found them to be easy to use and quite durable.

Good luck,
Spartacus2002 said:
I've ordered a synthetic stock from Fred's. What type of paint is best to use on these?
I've had good luck with Brownells Aluma-Hyde II. Just painted a GI fiberglass "coyote khaki" and it's already been banged around quite a bit and seems to be quite a bit tougher than Krylon or other plain old spray paints. The drawback is that it's epoxy based, which means it has to cure for a few days before you can subject it to any rough handling.

One other option is Bowflage, which is what the boys in the Big Sandbox usually use, I think. It supposedly can be removed with special "Bowflage remover"... one cool thing about Bowflage is that it's IR signature doesn't make it stand out too much. Go to militarymorons.com and poke around a bit if you're interested in this aspect. They did some experiments where they show different types of paint under IR illumination as seen with NVD's. Pretty interesting... too bad they didn't do it with AlumaHyde.

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