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Hi Guys,

Has anyone had this problem. I have a new Springfield Super Match which shoots very well. It has about 275 rounds through it. I started to notice that it's accuracy was falling off. I discovered that the gas piston was sticking in the gas cylinder. Not seized but hung up. I remove the gas cylinder plug. Clean the almost clean piston, run a a dry patch through the gas cylinder which is not very dirty and put back the gas cylinder plug back to it's mark. Fire five shots dead on at 200 yards. I lock back the bolt to listen for the piston movement and it is hung up again. All factory Fed 168 7.62 ammo. If anyone has had this happen to them please let me know how I can fix it. Piston was polished and it moves like glass before any rounds are fired. Fire five rounds and it sticks again. Maybe there is a tolerance problem?

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